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Meet Your Community-Focused Marketing Experts: Rachel & Jason

Rachel and Jason are community-focused experts across the, not-for-profit, and small business marketing. With a combined experience of over 55 years they bring a unique blend of skills and expertise to the table.

Black and white portrait of Rachel Haywood

Rachel Haywood

Rachel is a rare breed of businesswoman who has a commercial mind with a community heart. She brings a unique mix of purpose, vision, strategy, and heart to her work.

Her expertise in marketing and communications, project management, and fundraising has been honed through her experience working in the healthcare industry and small business.

She is passionate about making a difference in the community and is always looking for new ways, opportunities, and partnerships to help the community sector. She is inclusive, kind, and highly recommended. A community-focused marketing export to her core.

Jason Armstrong

Jason has over 25 years of experience in designing, building, managing, and delivering digital projects and teams across South-East Asia and the Australian markets.

He is innovative, detail-orientated, and design-focused and has an excellent technical understanding, as well as strong interpersonal and communication skills. He has a solid knowledge of online marketing tools and best practices and is dedicated to achieving perfection in every project he undertakes.

Jason’s attention to detail is unparalleled and he is constantly seeking new ways to improve his skills and knowledge.

Black and white portrait of Jason Armstrong


Photograph of Rachel Haywood and Jason Armstrong

Community-Focused Marketing Experts - Together

Together, Rachel and Jason bring a unique blend of skills and expertise to the table. They have worked across the healthcare, small business, and community sectors and understand the importance of a holistic approach to healthcare. They are committed to making a difference in the healthcare industry and in the community. Complimentary is how Rachel describes their Unity… These community-focused marketing experts are going from strength to strength… reach out today.

Join them in their mission to make the world a better place and #thinkbigger #createchange #makesomeonesmile #takeaction.

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Michael Atkinson
Community Liaison & Development Manager,
Brand Unity provide efficient and high quality capacity building and design services for our not-for-profit organisation. They’ve designed large research reports, project marketing resources and run engaging community workshops. Rachel ‘gets us’ and has made a big difference to our organisation and communities.
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