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Nurturing Communities: A Personal Journey in Community Activation

Success isn’t just ticking corporate boxes or securing grants; it’s about threading ourselves into the tapestry of the communities we call home. How do we, as individuals, sincerely connect and elevate our communities? What are some of the elements of Community Activation?

African Australian Advocacy Centre homepage design

BrandUnity and African Australian Advocacy Centre collaborate on a website redesign for community empowerment

BrandUnity, a leading digital agency, has recently partnered with the African Australian Advocacy Centre (AAAC) to redesign their website. The goal of this project is to improve the user experience, design, and layout while providing training to the AAAC team. The AAAC is a non-profit organization that works to empower and advocate for the African Australian community, providing resources, support, and representation in areas such as education, employment, and legal matters. With the new website, the AAAC will have a stronger online presence and will be able to better serve its members and supporters. Stay tuned for the launch of the new website.

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