Case Study

Transforming the African Australian Advocacy Centre: A Case Study on Web Redesign and SEO Strategy

In collaboration with RMIT University

The African Australian Advocacy Centre (AAAC) is committed to enhancing African Australians' well-being by fostering continuous community engagement.

Established to represent and address the issues of African communities in Australia, AAAC advocates for social justice and equity by influencing policy and forming strategic alliances. The organisation is involved in advocacy, research, and policy formulation, aiming to tackle significant social challenges such as racism, discrimination, and educational access, thus promoting a more inclusive and fair society.


In today’s digital era, the importance of a robust online presence is undeniable, especially for organisations aiming to make a significant impact. At BrandUnity, we partnered with the African Australian Advocacy Centre (AAAC) on a comprehensive website redesign. This project was designed to enhance usability and amplify AAAC’s digital footprint. By refining the aesthetic and structural elements, we aligned the website to reflect AAAC’s professionalism and dedication to advocacy. Additionally, we prioritised Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to boost the site’s visibility and ensure that AAAC’s vital community support and advocacy efforts reach a broader audience. This strategic enhancement has been pivotal in transforming how AAAC communicates and engages with its community, further empowering them to champion their causes effectively.

This continual partnership will leverage BrandUnity’s expertise to transform AAAC’s digital outreach. The new website acts as a central platform for communication, showcasing the organisation’s initiatives and capturing the attention of potential sponsors and partners. By creating a more accessible and informative online presence, AAAC seeks to extend its reach, enhance its impact, and foster stronger connections across all levels of government and educational sectors.

African Australian Advocacy Centre redesigned website homepage

The Strategy

The initial phase of the website redesign for the African Australian Advocacy Centre, in collaboration with BrandUnity, was strategically focused on enhancing the site’s professionalism and communicative effectiveness. This phase was essential for positioning AAAC as a credible and authoritative organisation committed to impactful change.

The strategy included several key components, including:

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