Empowering Resilience My Co-Founding Journey with Pink Elephants Support Network

Hello, beautiful community! Welcome to my Pink Elephants Support Network Journey.
Brochure of Pink Elephants' 'Coffee for a Cause' detailing participation steps

I’m Rachel Haywood, immersed in the world where corporate efficiency complements community-driven passion, a dynamic I’ve experienced firsthand, particularly with the Pink Elephants Support Network.

I’m Rachel Haywood, a fervent believer in the power of the intersection between corporate efficiency and community-driven passion. Today, I’m here to share a particularly close-to-heart narrative – the inception, growth, and impactful journey of the Pink Elephant Support Network, a dream I co-birthed into a pulsating reality.

In the not-so-distant past, the Pink Elephants Support Network was a mere concept, a response to a palpable identified by two strong, amazing resilient women, Gabbi Armstrong and Samantha Payne. It started as a whisper, a soft plea for change, which eventually metamorphosed into a roar of collective action. As a co-founder, my journey wasn’t just about lending my skills but also about weaving an integral part of my soul into the fabric of this initiative.

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Our strategic direction, which I had the privilege of co-authoring, was never about boardroom jargon. It was about human stories, brainstormed on beanbags and Skype calls waiting to be told and heard. Each workshop we guided was a mosaic of shared experiences, empathy, and the silent promise to bear one another’s burdens. These sessions weren’t events; they were lifelines that connected us, heart-to-heart.

Cofounders bios website screen capture of the pink elephants support network

The thrilling chapter of onboarding our first corporate supporter was a testament to the magnetic resonance of genuine intent. It demonstrated the magic that ensues when corporate meets community — not as benefactor and beneficiary but as partners in purpose, united in vision. This collaboration was more than financial backing; it symbolized faith in our cause and an expansion of our mission.

Now, speaking of our website and branding, these weren’t just about aesthetics or digital presence. As a marketing and brand consultant, I’ve always believed that our brand is our story — a visual and emotional echo of who we are and what we stand for. Designing the Pink Elephants’ virtual home was akin to crafting a sanctuary where hope is tangible, and support is a click away. Every hue and pixel were deliberately chosen to reflect our core — strength in softness and steadfastness in vulnerability.

Laptop showing Pink Elephants' 'Coffee for a Cause' fundraising webpage
Brochure of Pink Elephants' 'Coffee for a Cause' detailing participation steps

The Pink Elephants Support Network‘s journey, interlaced with my own, is a living narrative where lines blur — not just between corporate and community, but also between self and collective. It’s about relinquishing the ‘I’ in pursuit of the ‘we.’ As we forge ahead, my heart swells with indescribable gratitude for every lesson learned, every life touched, and the unwavering solidarity of the community. Together, we redrew boundaries. We’re redefining the landscape of support, driven by an engine of shared passion and purpose. Though my path has diverged from the Pink Elephants Support Network, every beat of my heart still resonates with the pride and love I hold for what we created together. It was this profound venture that propelled me deeper into the realm of community work, a journey of heart, soul, and tangible impact. While part of my story has been etched into the Pink Elephants’ legacy, it is the unwavering spirit of human connection that shepherds me forward, always seeking the horizon, and eager for the next chapter of community and connection.

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Listen to the full story: Dive deeper into the origins and impact of our movement in the podcast: Mums Making A Difference: Behind The Scenes of A Non-Profit Start Up with Samantha Payne of The Pink Elephant Support Network – December 2017

To every remarkable soul that intertwined with this extraordinary journey, and those whose lives we’ve had the profound privilege of touching — my deepest thanks for sharing your narratives, your authenticity, and your aspirations with us. Our collective tapestry of stories doesn’t end here; it continues to be woven with threads of impactful endeavours and shared human experiences. Here’s to the odyssey that has left footprints on our hearts, the unwritten pages that await our return, and the unyielding quest for creating a space where solidarity is the cornerstone.

With heartfelt love and unending gratitude, Rach

P.S. Our interaction is the lifeline that sustains our shared journey. Don’t hesitate to connect, share your narrative, or exchange a greeting. This dialogue is our strongest link. If you’re curious about more initiatives bridging the corporate and community worlds, discover the inspiring work at BrandUnity. You’re not alone — now, or ever.

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