Heartland Project: Amplifying LGBTQ Community Projects through Graphic Design

At BrandUnity, we believe good graphic design can do more than catch the eye—it can make a real difference. Our marketing agency, based in Western Sydney, commits to supporting those who need it most, particularly marginalised communities. A shining example of our work is our partnership with the Heartland Project. Together, we're dedicated to helping LGBTIQA+ asylum seekers find safe, welcoming places to call home. For us, it goes beyond visuals; it's about forging connections and cultivating a community where everyone feels a sense of belonging.
Graphic design promotional materials for Heartland Project's LGBTQIA+ housing support initiative

The Heartland Project: A Beacon of Hope

The Heartland Project stands as a beacon of hope for LGBTIQA+ asylum seekers navigating the complexities of finding a safe and welcoming community. Initiated during the vibrant celebrations of Mardi Gras 2022, this initiative has swiftly grown into a vital resource, offering assistance and a promise of belonging to those who often find themselves on the fringes of society.

Mission and Goals

The core mission of the Heartland Project, a significant community initiatives program supported by BrandUnity’s graphic design expertise, is to ensure that every LGBTIQA+ individual seeking asylum can do so in an environment that safeguards their rights and embraces their identity. The project aims to facilitate meaningful connections by pairing asylum seekers with LGBTIQA+ hosts and flatmates, fostering an ecosystem of support and acceptance. The ultimate aim is to formulate a network of safe houses and supportive communities throughout Australia, combating isolation and discrimination.

Addressing Unique Challenges

LGBTIQA+ asylum seekers face a myriad of challenges, from bureaucratic hurdles in the asylum process to societal barriers that can lead to isolation and discrimination. The Heartland Project addresses these issues head-on by offering a platform where individuals can find housing with hosts who understand their struggles and share similar life experiences. This approach provides immediate physical safety and aids emotional and psychological healing, which is crucial for those who have often fled extreme adversities in their home countries.

The Heartland Project ensures its services reach those in dire need through targeted outreach and community engagement. Continuous feedback loops with participants help refine and adapt the initiative better to meet the evolving needs of LGBTIQA+ asylum seekers.

Graphic Design with a Purpose

At BrandUnity, our approach to graphic design transcends traditional boundaries; it’s about harnessing creativity to serve the greater good. Specialising in non-profit initiatives like the Heartland Project, we ensure our designs capture attention and convey profound, meaningful messages that resonate with the community and the cause.

Tailored Design for Non-profit Initiatives

Working with non-profits requires a unique blend of sensitivity and creativity. For the Heartland Project, our design process began with understanding the core values of safety, respect, and belonging. This understanding informed every creative decision, ensuring that our visuals would speak directly to the hearts of those involved and those observing from afar. We sought to develop a visual language that informed, inspired, and garnered support.

From Conceptualisation to Execution

The Heartland Project’s design journey started with collaborative workshops involving our design team and stakeholders. These sessions helped us grasp the emotional and practical needs of LGBTIQA+ asylum seekers, ensuring our designs would be aesthetically pleasing and deeply empathetic.

  • Conceptualisation: Initial concepts focused on symbols of unity and safety—imagery that could instantly evoke a sense of belonging. Our designers chose colour schemes to reflect warmth and positivity and created layouts to be welcoming and accessible.
  • Design Refinement: With feedback from the Heartland Project team, we refined our concepts to reflect better the diverse experiences of the community we served. This phase often involved tweaking visuals and narratives to better align with the lived experiences of LGBTIQA+ asylum seekers.
  • Execution: The team rolled out the final designs across various platforms, including digital media, print materials, and promotional items. They crafted each element to effectively carry the project’s message, whether viewed on a smartphone screen or a large poster at a community event.

By the end of the process, we had created more than just promotional materials; we had developed a visual identity for the Heartland Project that truly embodied its mission. Our designs not only appeared—they were felt, contributing to a stronger, more connected community.

Impact Through Design: Case Studies and Success Stories

Our commitment to making a difference through design has transformed the Heartland Project’s visual identity and significantly impacted the lives of those it serves. Below are two case studies highlighting our collaborative design efforts’ success and human impact.

Case Study 1: The Launch Campaign

For the launch of the Heartland Project’s housing initiative, we developed a vibrant and inviting campaign that was pivotal in increasing visibility and support. The campaign featured posters, digital ads, and informational brochures designed with compelling graphics and heartfelt messages.

Success Story

Maria, a transgender woman from Brazil, shared her experience:

“Seeing the Heartland Project’s poster at the community centre made me feel instantly hopeful. The warm colours and the image of diverse people smiling made me feel welcomed. It was the first time I felt I could find a safe place to stay where I would be accepted as I am.”


Maria’s story is one of many, reflecting how well-crafted design can directly touch lives and offer a sense of belonging.

Case Study 2: Social Media Engagement

To boost engagement and outreach, we tailored social media designs that highlighted the real stories of project beneficiaries. Authentic images and narratives provided a platform for unheard voices, increasing reach and empathy.

Success Story

James, a project officer, noted the impact:

“The social media campaign was a game-changer. It increased our followers by 40% and enhanced our community engagement significantly. People started sharing their stories, and the community’s support grew exponentially. The designs helped us convey our participants’ reality and dreams, making the Heartland Project’s mission resonate on a personal level.”


These case studies demonstrate that thoughtful graphic design does more than promote—it connects and heals. Focusing on the Heartland Project’s core values and understanding its community’s needs, our designs have played a crucial role in its success and ongoing growth.

Celebrating Achievements and Milestones

The Heartland Project has marked its journey with significant milestones that reflect its profound impact on the community. Among these, the reception of the Multicultural Grants NSW, particularly the ‘2023 Stronger Together Grants Program‘, stands out. This funding has been crucial for the project, allowing for hiring a part-time Lived-Experience Project Officer who brings invaluable insight and empathy to the initiative.

Grant Reception and Its Impact

The Stronger Together Grant awarded by Multicultural NSW in 2023 has been a notable achievement for the Heartland Project. This funding has been crucial, allowing for the hiring of a part-time Lived-Experience Project Officer who brings invaluable insight and empathy to the initiative. This role enhances the project’s capability to connect with and support LGBTIQA+ asylum seekers more effectively, ensuring services are both impactful and empathetic.

BrandUnity’s Supportive Role

At BrandUnity, we hope our partnership with the Heartland Project has contributed positively to their outstanding efforts. Our involvement extended beyond traditional design; we provided comprehensive marketing services, including strategy, content creation, and promotional outreach. Our team developed a suite of materials for the grant application to support their submission, leveraging our complete marketing expertise to enhance their message. While our services have played a role in bringing the project’s human stories and impact to life, we recognise that the true driving force behind their success is the vision and commitment of the Heartland Project team.

Reflecting on Our Contribution

The Heartland Project’s dedication and achievements continually inspire us. As they advance, broadening their influence and deepening their impact, we remain committed to supporting their journey. We aim to provide thoughtful, comprehensive marketing services that hopefully support their mission, helping to amplify their narrative and foster deeper connections within the community.

Closing: A Vision for the Future

BrandUnity is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. Our collaboration with the Heartland Project is just one example of how we can harness the power of strategic marketing and community engagement to make a significant difference. Our vision for the future involves supporting similar projects that aim to uplift and empower underrepresented communities.

Continued Collaboration with the Heartland Project

Our work with the Heartland Project is ongoing. We are committed to ongoing support and strive to extend their reach and enhance impact through innovative marketing strategies and engaging storytelling. This partnership has been fruitful in achieving tangible outcomes and has set a benchmark for how we approach future collaborations.

Upcoming Initiatives

Looking forward, we are developing new initiatives to further our mission of fostering inclusivity and support across various sectors. We are exploring opportunities in mental health awareness, educational programs, and economic empowerment for marginalised groups. These initiatives will leverage our marketing expertise to create awareness, drive engagement, and inspire action.

We invite you to join us on this journey of growth and transformation. Together, we can continue to make a real difference in the world, one project at a time.

Contact Information

We invite all interested in learning more about our projects, joining our initiatives, or offering support to contact us. Here are the details you need to contact both BrandUnity and the Heartland Project:

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Feel free to ask any questions or discuss how you can join our efforts. We look forward to hearing from you and potentially collaborating to make a difference together.

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